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Irrigation plays a crucial role in the survival of the plant life within our landscapes. While it is true that with planning the need for supplemental water can be mitigated, at some point most gardens will need supplemental watering. Through the use of cutting-edge water-efficient products the water we use for our gardens can be monitored and controlled to a very small tolerance. It's all in the technology and how we use it. Gone are the days of high velocity, volume broadcasting spray bodies. They have been replaced with a much more intelligent model. Smart controllers, rotators and in-line drip has replaced those dinosaurs with a much more conscious model. The methodology is based on plant culture, size of  root zone, soil compostition and other soil characteristics.

A large part of the sustainablility mantra lies in how we utilize our most precious resource: water. There must be a shift in conventional thinking and methodolgy. There has been within the industry, and Deep Rootz acts as a conduit between our clients and water-efficient methodologies. By considering soil health and characteristics, hydrozoning, exposures, and plant cultures, we develop a sustainable plant palette for our clients' projects, and an irrigation plan to support the plant material.




Your smart home irrigation system is regulated by a sensor that takes barometric readings from your premises and transmits the appropriate program adjustment for each day. With the advent of residential ET (Evapotranspiration) sensors every home has smart control capability without having to subscribe to satellite or weather station carriers. The sensors communicate directly with controllers thereby maximizing the controllers smart capability. You have to set your controller once and the end user's work is complete! We encourage clients to give serious thought to investing in this 'set it and forget it' technology. The water savings is worth it (up to 30%).




Design  Our design philosophy is rooted in sustainability, maximization of usable space, and artistic expression.  Property and real estate are at a premium here in the Bay Area, but alfresco living is a no brainer.  It only makes sense that smaller homes with decent sized lots develop as much usable space as possible.  Luckily, the Bay Area is hospitable to an enormous plant palette, so fabulous gardens abound. 

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our firm.  We value the client's trust that we can turn their dreams into reality.  And honor that trust by delivering on our promise of an excellent experience.  An awesome result must begin with a sound well-developed plan.  Our development consists of a series of drawings, images and compositions that hone in on the end-product.

The end product is the combination of the planning and execution of many facets of construction.  We handle the design and build for drainage, irrigation, grading, low-voltage lighting, plant design, carpentry and masonry.  Some projects have more, some have less components.  Rest assured we can handle both scenarios.  We look forward to making your landscape dreams a reality.  Extend your living beyond your doors to the outdoors!  

Carpentry is an important component of the outdoor room.  Wooden structures provide walls, floors, ceilings, and privacy (sight and sound).  It is often the base layer upon which the rest of the design is constructed.  Designing with wood offers the artist an opportunity to connect with architecture, and it offers the observer some queues to the overall aesthetic.    

Whether it's stained, painted or weathered, it's difficult to duplicate the warmth and the texture of wood. Wood has been and will remain a regal partner alongside the flora that dresses the landscape.

Our craftspeople have many years of experience working with wood.  We've completed designs with hardwoods, softwoods, exotic and locally reclaimed species.  

Composite materials are another consideration.  There are many options and situations where these materials are appropriate, especially where maintenance is a concern.  Craftsmanship is paramount.  We stand behind our product, and are confident in the collaborative process with our clients.

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MARTY_Fence & Gate
MARTY_Fence & Gate_2
DEVANEY_Fence & Pergola
Reclaimed Backyard
Contemporary Courtyard
Restaurant Island
School Assembly Area
Ranch Planting Plan
Deck Detail
Raised Planter Boxes
Deck Elevation
Simple Backyard
Gate Detail
Fence detail




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