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I began as a garden enthusiast.  Plant colors, forms, flowers and textures drew me in and soon my thirst for plant knowledge was insatiable.  As my repertoire expanded to include plant culture and water needs it became evident that proper irrigation is imperative to plant health.  Soon I began to appreciate that there are other components within a well designed garden.  Plants are like the icing on the cake.   The manipulation of these elements drove me to seek out formal design training.  Subsequently, I studied landscape architecture at U.C. Berkeley's College of Environmental Design where I learned the tenets of sustainability.  Master gardener, qualified water efficient landscaper (Q.W.E.L.), and Bay-friendly trainings soon followed on my journey to sustainable, environmentally responsible design.  Eventually, my passion for sustainable design would align with my passion for building and construction.  The knowledge and experience that I've acquired over the years within these disciplines informs my designs and construction processes.  The current climatic conditions mandate an exciting paradigm shift within the landscape industry for which I'm fully prepared.  My training and skills are brought to bare with every project.


 - Association of Professional Landscape Designers, Member

 - B.A.- Landscape Architecture, U.C. Berkeley

 - Bay-Friendly Landscape Design Professional

 - Certified Irrigation Auditior

 - Certified Lighting Design and Installation

 - Landscape Contractor C-27 #1007019, Bonded with Liability and Worker's Comp Insurance

 - QWEL-  Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper

 - Better Business Bureau, member

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